What is the order process?
First, get in touch so we can discuss your ideas and what you would like.

From here I will send you a quote for all your requirements along with our T's & C's.
If you're happy to proceed, 50% of the total order is required as a deposit before the design process begins.

All artwork will be emailed to you for approval.
Lastly, the remainder of the order must be paid before printing and creation of your stationery starts.
I will pack and send your precious cargo recorded delivery.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, once we've discussed what you'd like I will email you a full quote.
50% of this quote is required as a deposit before the creative juices can flow.

I'm happy to refund deposits but the amount will be less any time i've spent or materials used on and when designing your stationery.

How long does the order process take?
Once the deposit is paid, that's my green light to start designing.
My customisable designs have a quicker turn around time than bespoke designs, but I will discuss timescales with you at the quote stage as each order is different.

As a rough guide, customisable designs take around 6 weeks and bespoke and hand finished designs can take up to 8 weeks for designing, printing and delivery.

Short timescale? I have a few tricks up my sleeve so get in touch! (sooner rather than later)

What if i'd like other stationery that isn't featured on your website?
I'm not just a one trick pony. Get in touch and let me know your thoughts.
Can you create other matching stationery to go with my design?
Oh yeah, I love matchy matchy!
Do you do custom orders?
Yes! If you have some ideas or some examples of things that have inspired your vision, get in touch.

I love to create line drawings of wedding venues and churches. This would be classed as a custom design.

Can you match colours?
I use the Bridge Pantone Colour Guide to match solid pantone to the nearest CMYK print colours.
Do you only do wedding stationery?
My portfolio contains everything from business cards and pop up banners to signage and websites. Get in touch with your requirements.
Do you have a price list?
Sadly not. Due to the many variations of paper, finishes and sizes, its always easier for you to let me know what you are looking for first.
I'm on a budget, do you have any suggestions?
Yes, I hear ya! If I can save you a few pounds so that you can spend more on your dress or put extra bottles on your tables, then I will make it my mission.

I'm a very cost conscious person and I regularly check supplier costs to keep them as low as possible (without losing quality).

Do you charge for amendments or redesigns?
I don't charge for amendments because great design flows naturally as it grows.
I want you to be completely happy with your stationery so a little back and forth is on the house.
I work fast and will make your amendments as soon as I can but this back and forth will obviously affect the timescale.

A redesign will take more time and I do to charge for. I will discuss a redesign price with you if you request it.
I don't have a set redesign price. If the redesign doesn't take me long to produce then I'm not going to charge you a full set price, fair?

How long will my quote be valid for?
30 days.
What quantities should I order?
I'd say one invitation per household and per couple or individual guest.
Reprints in small quantities can be costly so always order a few extra to cover last minute additions and mementos.
The quantity you ask for is the quantity I will quote for and create. Please include your extras in the number you give me.

Including personalisation like your guests names to invitations will be very costly if you need to get a couple more printed. Not including this type of personalisation can sometimes be a blessing when it comes to drop outs and additions.

I want to add metallic foil to my design, how will this be done and look?
Foil is applied digitally.
Digitally printed foil results in a flat print product, without any texture or embossing.

Once printed, the card is finished with velvet lamination (you can choose either one sided or double sided, but whichever side you choose to add foiling, it must be velvet laminated).
This protects your foil from slipping or scratching, giving you a durable, hardwearing finished product which stays looking as shiny as the day it was printed.
Because of the way the foil is applied, foil can only be added to one side.

What paper do you use?
Print shouldn’t be one size fits all. Which is why you can mix and match your paper, finishes, size and paper weight.

There are so many combinations when it comes to paper, so I will let you tell me what you'd like first before I bore you to death.

I will always try and match your paper and envelopes to the closest colour and finish possible. If I can't, I will let you know before printing or sourcing.

Can I get something printed in another size?
There are a number of off the peg paper sizes to choose from.
If you've seen something on my website that you'd like in another size, thats no problem.

If you'd like a specific size, please let me know.
Designs can also be produced so that stationery can be cut to size.

When should I send my Save The Dates and Invitations?
These timings aren't set in stone... But it's a good place to start.

Save the dates - Send 12 - 6 months before the wedding.

Wedding invite - Send 6 - 4 months before the wedding.

I've seen a design I like, can you copy it?
I'd get in some pretty hot water if I copied somebody else's design.

I'm more than happy to use the design as inspiration.. And make it better than the original.