I’m not against drag and drop website building software, they do the job, but not always a great job.

Caroline came to me for website help when she couldn’t quite achieve what she wanted from her website. She wanted her website to look great and stand out from other balloon sites. There is only so much you can do with template software and after a few tweaks and paying around, the result wasn’t far off what was already there. Being a perfectionist I wasn’t happy with this and she agreed! So, I suggested we start again.

I created a WordPress website that Caroline was still able to edit herself. Its always a pain going back and forth to a web designer to add or amend things. You want to be able to update your website as and when you want to and not have to wait for somebody to do it for you… And then bill you for it.

Content is key in web design. Pictures need to be correct sizes in order to keep form and wacking in any old photo will always throw off your layout .

Over the years, The Party House has collected quite a few images. All different sizes, some cropped, some untouched and not all taken using the same camera. There are sooo many balloon combinations and even more colours for her customers to choose from that we decided to use galleries as a way of showing the many options. Galleries that would support her many image types and sizes too.

The website is clean simple and easy to edit with the ability to make it her own.

Caroline now has complete control of her website, VIEW IT HERE!